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A typical, thorough evaluation of a home will last 2-3 hours. We will walk through all areas of the home together, starting with the roof and working down to the basement. We inspect for safety, usefulness, and longevity. All home inspections include:

Roof • Chimney • Flashing • Attic • Insulation • Venting • Exterior Siding and Trim • Garage • Driveway • Walks • Electrical Systems • Heating & A/C • Plumbing Systems • Foundation • Structural Components • Ceilings • Walls • Floors • Doors • Windows • Counters • Cabinets

Add-on Services

Radon Gas Testing, Partial/Individual Inspections, Construction Inspections, Building Inspections

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Inspections are needed when:

Buying a Home

Home inspections can often allow buyers leverage in negotiating when problems are found. If the home is as expected, the inspection at least provides peace of mind before closing.

Selling a Home

The advantage to having a home inspection before you list your home on the market is clear: it allows you to prepare for any possible issues a prospective buyer may find.

You and your agent can better discuss these issues in advance, rather than on the spot which gives you leverage when an offer comes in.

Encountering Problems

Problems that arise in homes often have deeper roots. A thorough home inspection can make sure you have the complete picture before you approach contractors.

NEARING Warranty Expiration

Most General Contractors will offer a one year warranty on the homes they build. Get an inspection prior to expiration to ensure no existing problems are missed before the builder is no longer liable.

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    It’s well worth it!

    We heard about Dave through word of mouth and decided to be proactive and have a home inspection done prior to listing our house for sale. We wanted to identify any red flags that might scare potential buyers and eliminate any last minute surprises if a buyer chose to have their own inspection done before closing. As it turned out, there were some issues we unaware of, and this way we had time to deal with them without scrambling at the last minute.We were impressed with the time Dave took to inspect our home. He was very thorough and careful. Dave explained every thing he found about the house, both the good and the potential problems, along with suggestions about how to deal with the deficiencies. Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Dave to others who are contemplating a home inspection.

    D & T Lockhart